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Former founding partner of Conspiração Filmes, he is in charge of the artistic area of the production company. He was the creator, producer and director of the series "Mandrake", HBO's first series in Brazil, twice nominated for an International Emmy for best drama series in 2006 and 2008. His first feature film, "O Homem do Ano" (2003), It was shown in the official selection of the Berlin Festival/2003. His latest film, "Heleno" (2012), premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival/2011.


With extensive experience in the financial market and a comprehensive portfolio, Eduardo was a founding partner of Dos Others, dedicated to audio post-production for cinema and TV. He was responsible for sound editing for successful series and mixer at Estudios Mega, where he worked on several projects. In partnership with HBO Latin America, he produced the series "Mandrake", twice nominated for an International Emmy for best drama series (2006 and 2008). In addition to developing feature film projects, Eduardo is currently the executive producer at Zola.


Actress, has been involved in cinema, theater and television since she was a teenager and has won awards in Brazil and the United States. Graduated in Philosophy from PUC-RJ, she is one of the founding partners of ZOLA Filmes. Currently, at the production company, he works on developing original content projects. She directed Valentins (2017), shown in Brazil and in several countries, a work aimed at children that featured a total of 52 episodes where she worked as a screenwriter, producer and actress.

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